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Leading Paediatric Health Research

Here at Alder Hey, we believe that every patient should have the opportunity to take part in clinical research that could significantly improve the future health and wellbeing of children and young people everywhere.

We have a long and impressive record in undertaking a wide variety of research and in 2018/19, we enrolled over 3000 children and young people into clinical studies.

Back in September 2012, Alder Hey opened an NIHR Clinical Research Facility, providing a dedicated research environment for those taking part in clinical trials.

It was the first ever facility of its kind in Merseyside and Cheshire and highlights our commitment to leading clinical research, resulting in better treatments for patients and excellence in patient experience. 

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The fully equipped and purpose designed facility supports the delivery of the highest quality, efficient, patient focused research for children, young people and their families. It provides a bespoke location for day to day research and has been successfully used to carry out essential clinical trials and deliver safe, high intensity studies of complex new medications and interventions, including those requiring inpatient, overnight care. The CRF allows us to safely undertake earlier phase trials (experimental medicines) and develop cutting edge medicines and technologies previously lacking in children’s healthcare.

The attractive, child friendly environment of the facility also enhances the experience of all those involved in research trials and helps encourage greater participation.

Along with a welcoming reception, play area, meeting rooms and office space, the CRF has single-unit patient rooms, a counselling and consultation room, a monitoring and observation unit, treatment rooms and direct links to laboratory and pharmacy facilities.

Research taking place within the CRF focuses on investigating diseases and developing novel therapies, medicines and drugs. Early phase trials are also taking place in complex childhood conditions such as Hirschsprung’s Disease, rheumatic disorders, cancers, diabetes, respiratory disorders and infectious diseases.